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If you seek for a more independent way to move through Copenhagen, the best option for you is without any doubt to hire a car.

Driving in Copenhagen could be quite an experience: Since public transport is good enough to move through the city, if you choose to drive instead, take into account that even traffic is generally not bad except for rush hours, parking in the city is quite difficult and expensive, so as gas and bridge toll prices.

Our recommendation is to pick up public transport or ride a bicycle, since Copenhagen is the ideal city to move through by bike.


See attached the available car rental companies in Copenhagen Airport:

- Europcar (tel. +45 32 50 30 90)
- Hertz (tel. +45 33 17 90 30)
- Sixt (tel. +45 32 46 29 43)
- Avis (tel. +45 70 24 77 07)
- Budget (tel. +45 32 52 39 00)
- Enterprise (tel. +45 70 70 12 00)


You can find the available car rental companies in the arcade between both Terminal 2 and Terminal 3, at the Car Rental Centre. 

Online car rental

Just remind you can book your car online through our search engine, it’s easy and fast to use! 

Renting a car in Denmark – Tips and advices

- In Denmark people drive on the right side of the road. 
- You cannot use your mobile phone while driving since it is illegal. 
- If you wish to park your car in Denmark, be aware of the parking signs. You must place a parking disc on the windows of your car and mark correctly the parked time. If it doesn’t show the correct time you can get fined for it. 
- While driving, be always careful and be aware of bicycles, pedestrians and mopeds nearby, since they can be everywhere in the road. Bicycle and scooter lanes are located on the right side of the road, so be careful while turning right!
- It is compulsory to indicate when you change lanes or you will be fined.
- Headlights needs to be turned on at all times (day and night). Instead you’ll be fined. 
- If you choose to drive in winter, be aware of the climate: There is a high risk for icy or snowy roads. Also, there will be just 7 hours of daylight per day, so consider it and extreme your precautions.