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Taxi Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Even if you need of a taxi to get to Copenhagen city centre, you can pick yours at the taxi ranks of Copenhagen Airport. They a reliable mean of transport, especially in Greater Copenhagen area, though they tend to be quite expensive.

It will be a fast ride, since it is a 20-minute trip to Copenhagen city centre. 

Also, if you wish to get to Sweden, you will find taxis who will bring you to the neighbour country. Find them in the designated taxi ranks next to the ordinary taxi rank. 



Find taxis 24 hours outside Terminal 2 and 3. They are located at the taxi ranks.


Book your taxi

To assure you trip by taxi from Copenhagen Airport, just remind you you can pre-book your taxi here, which is Copenhagen’s Airport official taxi website. 


Order your taxi

Many of taxi companies that offer this service are the showed below:

- Taxa Taxis: +45 35 35 35 35
- DanTaxi: +45 70 25 25 25
- Amager-Obro Taxi: +45 27 27 27 27

- Taxi 4x27: +45 27 27 27 27

Opening hours: 24 hours. 



One-way ride to Copenhagen city centre fare is of approx. 200.00 DKK, on the daytime. 

Tips to ride a taxi in Denmark

- Unlike other countries, there is no need to tip taxi drivers in Denmark.

- To be sure If a taxi is free, you just have to look for the green “FRI” sign in the front window. The taxi is available when this sign is lit up. 

- If you wish to pay your trip by credit card, just let the driver know before setting.

- Most popular locations in Copenhagen to pick up a taxi are the following ones: Vestergade, Gammel Torv and Copenhagen’s Central Train Station. 


Share a car

Sharing car apps are a useful way to get to your destination at a reduced cost comparing to the above options. You can consider to share your ride with more people or simply join another one’s trip.

Even though, we do not recommend to fully trust in app such Uber, since it is really new in Denmark and its legal status is being debated right now and can attempt against Danish law. 

To do so, you can try out the local car sharing app LetsGo.



If you wish to transfer from and to Copenhagen Airport on your own, there are several transfer companies available within the airport premises.

Book your transfer through our site, it is easy and fast to use!


Bike rental

Bicycle has a high importance in the city, since Copenhagen is one of the most bike-friendly cities in the world.

As Copenhagen is an idyllic city to move by public transport, bicycle turns to be a great option if you want to save money and travel in your own. 

You can rent a bike for short rides within the city in many places. 

Average prices per day vary between DKK 50.00 to DKK 100.00. Prices may be better if you rent a bike for long periods.