Copenhagen Airport Copenhagen Airport - CPH

Copenhagen Airport (CPH) - Train to city center

To get easily to Copenhagen city centre, taking the train is one of the best options since it is fast, efficient and the cheapest way to get there along with metro. 

Trains leave from Copenhagen Airport to the Copenhagen Central Station in a frequency of 20 minutes, exact timetable is 24 minutes past the hour and 44 minutes past the hour.

The journey to Copenhagen Central Station takes approximately 20 minutes. 

Trains are operating 24 hours. 

To take the correct train, please make sure you are in the platform which trains departs to Copenhagen, not Malmö, which is located in Sweden.



You should pick up the following train lines to get to the city centre of Copenhagen, as well as Copenhagen Central Station: RE 1059, RE 1361, RE 1061, RE 1363, RE 1365.


Other destinations

If you wish to get to other places within Copenhagen and to board other trains to several destinations throughout the country, it turns to be the most suitable option for you. 



If you wish to get more to downtown, taking the Metro is even better for you. 



All trains that sets from Copenhagen Airport Station gets through Copenhagen Central Station.

To get to the Train Station from the Terminal, first you need to get to Terminal 3. 

Trip time from the check-in at Terminal 2 to the Train Station in Terminal 3 is nearly 10 minutes by foot. 

While there, go to the Arrivals Hall exit and walk across the Terminal. When you get at the end of the Terminal, you’ll find several signs which will lead you to the Train Station. 



A single ticket costs DKK 36.00 per person.

Remember that to get to Copenhagen Central Station, you need to purchase a 3 zone ticket minimum, you’ll be fared instead.

You can also purchase any of the Travel cards available to save money and get your stay cheaper. For further information, please see the Travel cards section below. 


Where do I buy my tickets?

You can purchase your ticket at the machines located nearby baggage claim and DSB ticket counters in Terminal 3, when you exit the customs area and you walk straight to the nearest counter.



Travel cards

For taking either bus, train or metro there are available travel cards which will allow you to plan your trips throughout Copenhagen without worry about money.

See attached the following card options:

- City Pass: By choosing the City Pass card of either 24 or 72 hours you’ll able to enjoy unlimited trips on buses, trains and metro in zones 1 to 4 of Central Copenhagen area and also from / to Copenhagen Airport. 

Fares as detailed:

- 24-hour City Pass card: DKK 80.00
- 72-hours City Pass card: DKK 200.00
- It is half price for children under 16 years old.
- Copenhagen Card: Among the advantages given by City Pass card, with Copenhagen Card you’ll also be able to enter to 73 city museums and sights as well. Also, you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited bus, train and metro ride within Greater Copenhagen area, that means to zone 1 to 99; among other cool advantages: Discount on restaurants, attractions and car hire.

You can find Copenhagen Card valid for 24, 48, 72 or 120 hours.

Fares as detailed:

- 24-hour Copenhagen Card: DKK 379.00.
- 24-hour ticket: By this card, you’ll be able to get unlimited transport rides in the Greater Copenhagen area, that means you’ll have access to transport in zones 1 to 99 for a whole day. 

Fares as detailed:

- 24-hours ticket: DKK 130.00.
- It is half price for children between 12 and 15 years old. 
If you wish, you can purchase your 24-hours ticket by Mobilbilletter app